Students of New Brighton School of the Philippines, Inc. can have a chance to train. immerse, work and earn at KCC Group of Companies on the school’s Work Immersion Program.

Guidelines for NBSPI Work Internship Program

I. Objective
The NBSPI Work Internship Program is a training program for NBSPI students. The internship exposes students to corporate and industry-related activities that develop work skills while also enhancing students’ efficiency and productivity. Students who pass screening procedures will be working and earning at KCC Group of Companies. Students can apply for the program and be accepted in the summer period and Christmas Break for work that lasts for two to three months.
This internship training aligns with experiential education where students learn by doing. It is hoped that students develop and exercise NBSPI values such as integrity, patience, and drive for success in assigned tasks. This prepares them in their career paths.

II. Process
STEP 1 – Students will send their Application Letter and Curriculum Vitae to the NBSPI Guidance and Testing Office.
STEP 2 – NBSPI Personnel will screen applicants and the names and documents of qualified students wil be forwarded to KCC People’s Group
STEP 3 – KCC People Group will evaluate your Curriculum Vitae and make the necessary arrangements for interviewing applicants.
STEP 4 – Students who pass the interview and are selected by the People Group need to process job requirements for deployment in the training
STEP 5 – Once the job requirements are submitted and approved, students must sign the Memoradum of Agreement by the school New Brighton School of the Philippines, Inc. and the KCC Group of Companies.
STEP 6 – After signing the MOA NBSPI Students can be deployed and will be given an orientation by their respective job assignments.

III. Employment Requirements
NBSPI Students will submit the following requirements before the deployment:
• Application Letter
• Curriculum Vitae
• 2 pcs. 1×1 Picture
• Birth Certificate / PSA / NSO
• Report Card

IV. School Requirements
• Aside from tasks at work, students are required to submit weekly their daily log of activities.
• The daily log is to be submitted at the NBSPI INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR.
• The school requirements are necessary for the releasing of students’ last stipend.

V. Compensation
NBSPI Students who passed all of the necessary screening and been deployed to their respective department in any KCC Group of Companies will have a compensation amounting to the prevailing minimum wage

VI. Coordination and Monitoring

  • The assigned coordinator of this program is expected to conduct an initial site visit to ensure that the place is safe and conducive for the students.
  • It is the responsibility of the coordinator to do regular monitoring of the students to check their performance and attendance.
  • He/She should be available for consultation with the students to provide assistance in their employment and personal concerns.
  • The coordinator is responsible in evaluating their journal reports as part of their final school requirements.

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